Quentin Tarantino Announces Five-Issue Miniseries for Django Unchained

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Quentin Tarantino Announces Five-Issue Miniseries for <i>Django Unchained</i>

The graphic novelization of films is by no means a new phenomenon, but this small area of comics just became a lot cooler with Quentin Tarantino’s impromptu announcement at Comic-Con. According to the well-known director, Django Unchained, the latest addition to Tarantino’s bloody résumé, will receive a five-issue miniseries in anticipation of the films release on Dec. 25, 2012.

Tarantino made a surprise appearance at DC’s Before Watchmen panel to announces plans to work with DC on the series. Bleeding Cool reports what Tarantino stated during the panel: “The comic will literally be the entire movie’s script.” Which according the the director, includes scenes that will not be in the film.

Few other details about the project have been announced, but Tarantino and comics seems like a good fit.