Guided By Voices' Robert Pollard Announces New Solo Album

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Guided By Voices' Robert Pollard Announces New Solo Album

Guided By Voices  frontman Robert Pollard has announced that he will be releasing a new solo album, Jack Sells the Cow, on Sept. 18 via GBV, Inc., Guided By Voices’ own record label.

Since reuniting, Guided By Voices and Pollard have kept plenty busy. The band has already released two new albums in 2012 (a third is on the way), and Jack Sells the Cow will be Pollard’s second solo album of the year following Mouseman Cloud, which was released in March.

The new release is 32 minutes long, and, according to the press release, is “perhaps the sprightliest, most light-footed music Pollard has recorded this year,” despite its “relatively heavy subject matter.”

Check out the tracklisting below.

Jack Sells the Cow Tracklist
1. Heaven Is A Gated Community
2. Take In
3. Who’s Running My Ranch
4. Up For All That
5. Pontius Pilate Heart
6. Big Groceries
7. Fighting The Smoke
8. The Rank Of A Nurse
9. Tight But Normal Squeeze
10. Red Rubber Army
11. The March of Merrillville
12. Winter Comes To Those Who Pray