Watch Dave Foley in a New OFF! Video

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As part of what seems to be a fake public-access show circa 1982, hardcore punk band OFF!, along with Dave Foley of Kids in the Hall, help youngsters understand a new trend everyone’s talking about—punk. Foley, in an very Dr. Phil-type role, asks a group of teenagers whether they’re “punk rockers.”

A few raise their hands and are then greeted with a screaming tracks from OFF!, “Borrow and Bomb.” Foley stares on in horror as the OFF! thrashes stage right.

The video takes advantage of the awkward programming and bad production value often found on public-access channels. It also features equally awkward commercials in the similar structural vein as Robert Rodriguez’ and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse and caps off with an ‘80s-inspired dance program, featuring the song “I Got News For You.

You can watch the strange-yet-amazing music video below.

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