Watch a New Video for Blitzen Trapper's "Girl in a Coat"

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Blitzen Trapper  have released a heartwrenching new video for “Girl in a Coat” off their new album American Goldwing.

The video, a narrative depiction of the song’s nostalgic feel, juxtaposes shots of an elderly man nearing the end of his life with picturesque scenes of a younger couple. The video for “Girl in a Coat” was directed by Daniel Elkayam, who also directed videos for the band’s recent cut “The Tree” as well as 2009’s “Black River Killer.”

“Four years ago I interviewed my grandfather at the age of 96 to talk about his life,” Blitzen Trapper drummer Brian Koch said to Rolling Stone.

“I was struck by how, even though so much had become blurry, confused or completely fallen away from his memory, some things remained. Just shy of his 100th birthday, Daniel Elkayam and I began to create a video from my grandfather’s perspective, blurring the boundaries of time and space in memory. ‘Girl in a Coat,’ with its wearied narrative of retrospection, seemed the perfect match for the concept.”

You can check out the video below, courtesy of Rolling Stone.

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