Watch Caveman's "Old Friend" Video

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Watch Caveman's "Old Friend" Video

Caveman recently released their music video for the track “Old Friend” off their record CoCo Beware. In the video’s extended intro, the formerly innocent synth build-up becomes a foreboding warning of things to come. A telephone call slices through the music, a mysterious caller (voice cameo by Peter Sarsgaard) threatens, “I’m walking up your stairs…please have the envelope ready for me,” and an old lady stands paralyzed in the face of her “inevitable” fate.

What follows next is a haunting four-minute tribute to the best of the Hitchcock-era bizarre. Soaked in supersaturated reds and contrasting black-and-white color, director Philip Di Fiore creates an eerie atmosphere fit for a long-lost episode of Twin Peaks. Caveman’s “Old Friend” leaves one with enough questions to warrant multiple viewings—not that anyone would mind.