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Nas continued to storm late night television in last night’s appearance on The Colbert Report, in which he performed two songs off his just-released Life Is Good. His appearance on Colbert directly followed Monday night’s appearance on Letterman.

Nas performed “The Don” and “Daughters,” and endured a few questions from the ever-farcical Colbert. One such cringe-inducing question was whether or not Nas’ ex-wife Kelis’ milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard was ever a problem in the marriage. Eyeball tendons across America practically snapped from the strain of eye-rolling at that question, which Nas handled with humor and grace, albeit obvious apprehension.

Colbert and Nas also discussed the green dress that’s draped across Nas’ knee on the Life Is Good album cover. He said that it was a part of Kelis’ dress that remained hanging in the closet when she packed her things and left the home they shared during their marriage, and its presence bothered him so much that in speaking on the divorce, he decided to include it on the cover.

Check out footage of both songs and the interview below.

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