Watch The Mynabirds' Video for "Disarm"

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Watch The Mynabirds' Video for "Disarm"

The Mynabirds have come out with a new black-and-white, tribal paint-covered video for “Disarm,” which premiered this morning.

The video features frontwoman Laura Burhenn singing directly to the camera while her costumed comrades rhythmically dance around a bonfire.

Although the music video is obviously very mystical in nature, Burhenn explained to Rolling Stone the more universal nature behind it.

Disarm’ was the last song written for Generals and the first video we shot. As I was writng this concept record about war and discord and what we can personal do in the face of so much tragedy… I started thinking about the idea of disarming – and simultaneously the idea of a person who is disarming. What characterizes a disarming person? They smile, they invite you in, they approach you with warmth – with no arms or armor – and that’s what they get out of you. It’s ultimately a real Zen approach to ending fighting on every level. Give the peace that you want to receive, and you will receive it.

Check out the video below.