Ada Wong Will Be Playable in Resident Evil 6

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Ada Wong Will Be Playable in <i>Resident Evil 6</i>

Ada Wong, who pops up occasionally in Resident Evil titles and fake-out dies, will be a playable character in the upcoming title. Polygon reports that Ada’s playability will unlock after players complete the main campaign.

Once players have cleared all scenarios for Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and newcomer Jake Muller, Ada will have a solo story to tie up any remaining mysteries of the game’s other scenarios. Thanks to the game’s new “Agent Hunt” mode, players could also see Ada pop up during their Leon, Chris or Jake plays. Agent Hunt allows players to enter the games of other players with one simple goal: knock out the player-controlled agents. The mode is only accessible after beating the main story, and it can be turned off.

Resident Evil 6 is set for an Oct. 2 release date for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; it will release for the PC in November.