Ben Affleck In Running To Direct Justice League Film

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Ben Affleck In Running To Direct <i>Justice League</i> Film

As Joss Whedon is clearly Marvel’s choice to champion the Avengers for the silver screen, it appears that Warner Bros. has their sights set on actor-diector Ben Affleck. As a director, Affleck found recent success with The Town in 2010 and just completed Argo, based on a “declassified” CIA story. Affleck will be speaking with the studio in the coming days, according to Variety. The film was written by Will Beall (Gangster Squad), who was hired to write the script last summer.

Much like the Avengers, the Justice League film will bring together DC Comics’ biggest names including the iconic superhero trinity Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Affleck is known for acting in his own films, which means Affleck could be a potential cast for JLA, and luckily, Daredevil is safely Marvel’s property. Speculation places a possible release date no earlier than summer 2015.