David Lynch's Eraserhead Soundtrack Reissued

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David Lynch's <i>Eraserhead</i> Soundtrack Reissued

David Lynch, the mastermind filmmaker behind many bizarrely and creepily intriguing cult classics, started his innovative journey with his first feature-length film Eraserhead. But beyond just filmmaking, Lynch was behind the soundtrack as well, with the help of sound designer Alan Splet.

On Tuesday, the soundtrack (recorded in Lynch’s bathtub… somehow not surprising) was reissued as a limited vinyl release via Sacred Bones Records. The demand for the reissue has led Sacred Bones to do an additional pressing, which can be preordered on the label’s site. The Deluxe Edition includes a 16 page booklet, three 11” x 11” prints, digital download and a limited-edition Peter Ivers 7” of “In Heaven”—an expanded version of the soundtracks most notable ballad.

On Aug. 16, Sacred Bones will be hosting a night of music videos, short films and a 35 mm screening of Eraserhead at San Francisco’s Roxie Theater. Listen to the original soundtrack version of Ivers’ “In Heaven” below.