Download a New Song from Ghetto Cross (Bradford Cox, Black Lips' Cole Alexander)

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Download a New Song from Ghetto Cross (Bradford Cox, Black Lips' Cole Alexander)

In 2008, Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound) and Cole Alexander (Black Lips) got together to form the project Ghetto Cross. The project only released one song originally, but now they are back with the new track “Still,” a debut show scheduled in Atlanta, and the possibility of a full album.

The new song, which is available for download at Pitchfork, is unpolished and endearing, while taking on unique subject matter. Cox notes that the song is about “a relationship that develops between two young boys, one of whom is autistic and cannot talk, and the other who is an outcast and beaten by his emotionally manipulative father.”

Cox also points out that while they only got around to releasing one track (“Dog Years”) when Ghetto Cross originally formed, the pair actually “recorded an album of songs around the time of Rainwater Cassette Exchange. We are revisiting them now as a fall project for fun.” No word on if any further release of this material is planned.

For those close to Paste HQ in Atlanta, Ghetto Cross will be making their live performance debut at a free show on Aug. 21 at Club 529. In addition to teaming for Ghetto Cross, both Cox and Alexander will be performing separately as their Atlas Sound and Old King Cole Younger projects. Maybe something like this will happen again.