Dumb And Dumber 2 is Still Happening

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<i>Dumb And Dumber 2</i> is Still Happening

According to Jeff Daniels, Dumb and Dumber 2 still has a chance of becoming a film. Paste reported that Jim Carrey officially left the project stating he was “increasingly frustrated” with Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema’s lack of enthusiasm for the film. It’s possible after The Three Stooges reboot that the studio’s lost their appetite for slapstick comedy. The bad news continued with Daniels stating he wouldn’t participate in a sequel without Carrey. But over the weekend, both actors have decided to return to the film and will begin filming early 2013.

Daniels told the Daily Star: “We almost were able to kinda get it done this year, but they’re still working on the script. Jim wants to do it. I want to do it and The Farrellys want to do it. We’re all hoping that’ll come together early next year.

So after a tumultuous roller coaster ride to move this project into production, it seems that Carrey and Daniels are saying there’s a chance.