Update: Joss Whedon Confirmed to Return for Avengers 2 and Work On Marvel TV Show

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Update: Joss Whedon Confirmed to Return for <i>Avengers 2</i> and Work On Marvel TV Show

Update: In addition to Joss Whedon’s commitment to write and direct the Avengers sequel, Marvel’s potential TV series will also be developed by Whedon. The lines between the Whedonverse and the Marvel Universe are beginning to blur. You can read more about the upcoming TV series here.

Joss Whedon  is set to return for Marvel Studios’ sequel to The Avengers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The plans, which were revealed by Disney CEO Robert Iger today during an earnings call, include Whedon writing and directing the film.

A sequel for the film was announced to be in the works shortly after the first film’s release, but Whedon’s involvement was not confirmed at the time. The announcement also brought the confirmation of Iron Man3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2. ABC is also expected to create a Marvel-related TV series, which “may not include any characters from Joss Whedon’s blockbuster.”

The release date for The Avengers 2 has not yet been announced.