Lee Daniels to Direct Hugh Jackman in a MLK Biopic

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Lee Daniels and Hugh Jackman seem determined to make a civil rights-era film. The duo wasn’t defeated when its first project, Selma, failed to coalesce into a feature film. Daniels and Jackman have changed focus on the tumultuous period to the king of the movement—Martin Luther King, Jr. The new film, Orders to Kill, “aims to tell an alternative version of the King shooting,” according to the Los Angeles Times. More specifically, the film follows Jackman, who plays William Pepper, an impassioned and controversial attorney whose argued for the legitimacy of the King shooting conspiracy.

Daniels is most noted for his directorial work on Oscar-winning Precious in 2009, but recently premiered a new film, The Paperboy, at the Cannes Film Festival. He is also in the middle filming the White House-centric and star-studded The Butler. Similarly, Jackman has been getting comfortable with period pieces with this biopic announcing only a few months before the release of his latest, Les Misérables.

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