Micky Dolenz Responds To Breaking Bad Using Monkees Song

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Micky Dolenz Responds To <i>Breaking Bad</i> Using Monkees Song

Well, Breaking Bad wasn’t monkeying around in last Sunday’s episode when they picked an unlikely song choice in a scene where crystal meth was being made. According Rolling Stone, the show used “Goin’ Down,” a cheerful song from ‘60s pop group The Monkees.

Micky Dolenz, the singer and drummer for the Monkees, heard about the show using the song and admitted that he was a little torn about how to feel. He told Hollywood Reporter that the song is in no way about drugs. While Dolenz does not support the use of or the selling of meth, he is a fan of the show and thinks that the scene was really well done.

The Monkees were a group specially made for television back in the 60’s. As part of their contracts they relinquished all rights to their image and recordings, meaning that they don’t make a cent when people use their songs.

“The record company controls the licensing and mechanicals for all the material that you do,” Dolenz said. “In movies and TV, they don’t even have to ask unless you wrote the song. Like, I had no idea ‘I’m a Believer’ was going to be in Shrek,” Dolenz told Hollywood Reporter.

Dolenz and the rest of the Monkees are set to go on tour in November. The tour marks the first time in 15 years that the surviving Monkees will play together.