New Technology Could Eliminate Glasses From 3D Movies

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New Technology Could Eliminate Glasses From 3D Movies

Though studios show no signs of slowing their production of 3D movies, viewers must continue to put up with the annoying glasses required to enjoy such films. But thanks to researchers in South Korea, the possibility for viewing 3D movies without wearing any extra equipment appears to be in the near future, according to research published in Optics Express on Monday.

The strongest perk complimenting this new development is that the researchers have created a technique that would not require theaters to alter their rear-positioned projectors. Rather, in keeping the traditional projectors, theaters would merely need to add simple optics on the screen and in front of the projector.

Though promising, this new development does not come without problems, as distribution companies would need to learn to block certain areas of the image. Furthermore, the new technology would only be able to project extremely low-resolution images.

Despite these apparent flaws, technology certainly appears to be on its way to creating a form of entertainment that can allow viewers to enjoy 3D films in a traditional manner.