Samuel L. Jackson to Appear in Spike Lee's Oldboy Remake

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Samuel L. Jackson to Appear in Spike Lee's <i>Oldboy</i> Remake

Samuel L. Jackson  has been tapped for a small role in Spike Lee’s forthcoming Oldboy remake. The film, originally a South Korean revenge story, revolves around a man who is abducted off the street and imprisoned for 15 years, for reasons unknown to him.

Fans of the film will immediately recognize Jackson’s small-but-key part from the description in the L.A. Times article that revealed the news. The actor will portray one of the captors who keeps the hero (played by Josh Brolin) locked away and is eventually brutally tortured in one of the original film’s most memorable and disturbing scenes. We won’t spoil it here, but the scene will definitely change the way you think about hammers. The article also confirms that Lee’s interpretation will forgo the hammer in lieu of a different style of physical torment.

The Times article also mentions that the film’s score will be provided by composer Bruce Hornsby. Both Jackson and Hornsby have worked on Lee joints in the past. While Jackson starred in some of the director’s earlier works like Jungle Fever and Do the Right Thing, Hornsby contributed to Lee’s later projects like the documentary Kobe Doin’ Work and the director’s most-recent feature, Red Hook Summer.