Shut Up and Play the Hits DVD Release Announced

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<i>Shut Up and Play the Hits</i> DVD Release Announced

Shut Up And Play The Hits, the documentary chronicling LCD Soundsystem’s final performance at Madison Square Garden, was easy to miss. It was only screened in select theaters for one night only, July 28. For those of you who either couldn’t make it or couldn’t get your hands on a ticket, fear not. The documentary will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on Oct. 9.

The DVD/Blu-ray release will contain three discs, and in addition to featuring Shut Up and Play the Hits, one of the discs will house a complete, unedited run-through of every single minute of their final performance. So even if you did get a chance to catch the film in theaters, you’re still going to want to check out the DVD/Blu-ray release to see the moments of the show that were left on the cutting room floor when the documentary was being put together. It will come at a price, though. The three-DVD package will retail for $32.99.

Shut Up and Play the Hits is available for pre-order through the DFA website here.