The Avengers Re-Launches For Labor Day Weekend

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<i>The Avengers</i> Re-Launches For Labor Day Weekend

The Avengers took the box office by storm this past year and is currently in third place for the highest grossing film of all-time. The film only needs $40 million more to take the coveted second spot. According to Film School Rejects, director Joss Whedon and Marvel are re-launching The Avengers for Labor Day weekend to hopefully get that number one or two spot.

The Avengers is still currently being screened at 142 movie theaters around the country, but in an attempt to break James Cameron’s hold on the top spots for highest grossing domestic film, the film will have a major re-launch for the holiday weekend.

Whedon’s Avengers will be premiering this weekend along with Mike Birbiglia’s indie film Sleepwalk With Me. Earlier this month Whedon made a hilarious YouTube video urging fans to bring the indie film to a theater in their towns only so that they could boycott the film, all the while reminding them that he made The Avengers.

Whedon was obviously joking; The video was really made to encourage fans to call their local art house theaters and request the film.

The Avengers will be shown Aug. 31- Sept 6. Be sure to check theaters to see if Sleepwalk With Me is playing near you.