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This Week In News

Miss something in pop culture news this week? Don’t fret—we have everything you missed in one convenient place.

There was a plethora of new videos and songs released this week starting with
the Avett Brothers exciting fans by giving a ten-minute preview of their upcoming album The Carpenter. Let’s not forget the new tracks from Freelance Whales and El Perro Del Mar that debuted this week as well.

All theFinding Nemo fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, because Ellen DeGeneres has agreed to reprise her role as the lovable memory-challenged fish, Dory, in Finding Nemo 2. While we’re unsure what predicament Nemo will get himself into this time, one thing is for sure, Thor will have a nasty battle with Kurse in the upcoming Thor sequel. Soon enough we could be seeing Thor and all our favorite characters in 3D without those bulky glasses.

Netflix  had the entertainment world buzzing this week when it announced that Arrested Development will premiere this spring and will have >more episodes. than expected. Netflix also took on their new role of superhero to dying and dead television shows when they showed interest in reviving The Killing Now if Netflix could only bring back Pushing Daisies the world would be a perfect place.

Speaking of television shows, there will be a new resident in Portland, when Chloe Sevigny joins the Portlandia cast. We will also see what happens when meth dealer Bryan Cranston directs an episode of The Office (okay so he isn’t really a meth dealer, but he does play one on Breaking Bad). Michael J. Fox will make his much anticipated return to NBC next fall, while Parks and Rec producers were given the green light for a Fox pilot.