Framerate Increase for The Hobbit Will Not Cause Ticket Price Spike

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Initial reactions to Peter Jackson filming his three Hobbit films at 48 frames per second in addition to the traditional 24 fps have been mixed to say the least. After all, there have only been a handful of films shot at a rate higher than 24 fps in the past 85 years, and all of those films were met with heavy criticism. But one of the major complaints about the pioneering film may have been remedied when it was reported that ticket prices for the 48 fps version of the film will cost no more than for the standard 24 fps version.

Fearing a potential backlash, and given that the film will already be offered in a price-increasing 3D format, Warner Bros. has convinced exhibitors to withhold an additional charge for the version presented at 48 frames per second.

Initially the studio did not pay much attention to rejection of the new format, given that the number of theaters offering it would be limited anyway. But after the format was revealed at CinemaCon earlier this year, the majority of viewers said they would seek the film in traditional format upon its release.

Given James Cameron has announced his intention to film his Avatar sequels in 48 fps (or potentially 60 fps), it is yet to be seen whether this is the future of film or if audiences will refuse to give up on the familiar standard to which they are accustomed.

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