Watch a Teaser Clip for Looper

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Watch a Teaser Clip for <i>Looper</i>

In anticipation of the September release of Rian Johnson’s latest film, Looper, Yahoo! Movies has an exclusive clip from the film.

The film is set in 2072, and though time travel exists, it is illegal and only used by the mob. When crime organizations wish to get rid of someone, they simply send them back in time to be disposed of by a special type of assassin known as a looper.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt  plays such an assassin who calmly takes care of targets for the mob. But things turn sour when the mob decides to “close the loop” and sends Bruce Willis, Levitt’s future-self, back in time to be killed.

In this spoiler-free clip, we are offered a taste of Willis and Levitt discussing their current predicament, and get a slight taste of how the film intends to handle its time-travelling constraint in addition to the beginning of what will likely be a strained relationship between past and future Willis-Levitt.

Check out the clip below.