Watch a Trailer for Butter

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Watch a Trailer for <i>Butter</i>

If you think Will Ferrell and Zach Galafianakis’ newly released political satire The Campaign is over-the-top, take a look at the trailer for Butter. The film features Jennifer Garner and Modern Family’s Ty Burrell as husband-and-wife butter sculptors who get the itch to run for political office. “I really think Bob and I can parlay this fame we have from butter into political,” said Garner’s character. “Don’t be surprised if you see us in the Governor’s Mansion…or the White House.”

If that’s not enough, Butter also features Rob Corddry, whose adopted daughter appears to be some sort of butter-sculpting prodigy. Not only that, Olivia Wilde plays a stripper who seduces Burrell’s character, and Hugh Jackman is featured as a cowboy hat-wearing used car dealer.

Butter is currently slated for an Oct. 4 release. Check out the trailer below.