Watch Aimee Mann's Video for "Charmer"

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Watch Aimee Mann's Video for "Charmer"

In Aimee Mann’s newest video for “Charmer,” the lead single off her forthcoming album, she explores the draining rigors of touring in little bit of a different way: by sending a robot instead.

Laura Linney takes Mann’s place on the road in the cute video, but only after learning to mimic her in all ways, such as walking, dressing and signing autographs. “Charmer” was directed by Tom Scharpling, who has previously created videos for The New Pornographers, Ted Leo and Wild Flag.

“It’s a funny idea because there really IS an element of having to having to craft a separate persona when you perform,” Mann wrote for the video premiere at NPR. “You fight against it but it makes sense that it happens. I love this video concept because the idea completely falls apart when the robot double begins to do a better job than the original. Such are the pitfalls of relying on a persona. I think Scharpling did a great job, and honestly, it’s a rare experience for me to have complete confidence in a video director. But he has great and funny and interesting ideas, and knows how to make things happen.”

“Charmer” is off of the forthcoming album of the same name, which will be released Sept. 18. You can catch the video below.