Mark Millar to Oversee Three Marvel Films

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Mark Millar to Oversee Three Marvel Films

20th Century Fox is coming to the rescue for those Marvel franchises that got overlooked by the monumental Avengers movie. According to Coming Soon, Fox has hired popular Marvel writer Mark Millar to be a creative consultant on some of their upcoming projects.

The decision to bring Millar on as a creative consultant comes after a promise from Fox to expand on their commitment with past Marvel franchises.

“Marking an expanded commitment to some of its most important franchises, Twentieth Century Fox has brought on comics superstar Mark Millar to serve as a creative consultant on the studio’s upcoming projects based on Marvel Comics properties,” Fox said in a recent statement.

Millar has made quite the name for himself in the Marvel world. He has been the writer for countless comics and even created the popular comics, Kick-Ass, Wanted and Nemesis.

As of now Millar has only confirmed that he will consultant on three of Fox’s upcoming films, The Wolverine, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Fantastic Four.

His entire life and career has been built around the comic book world and now he is ready to expand on it by adding movies.

“As someone who has spent his entire life obsessed with both comic books and movies, this is essentially my dream gig as it’s a unique combination of both,” Millar said in a statement about joining Fox. “I spent ten years working at Marvel and am really happy with the work I did on the comic side of things, so the idea of working with these characters now in a brand new medium is enormously exciting for me. I really like the Fox team, love this bold new direction they have for their franchises and am proud to be working alongside some of modern cinema’s biggest talents.”

The Wolverine is currently being shot and has a tentative release date of July 24.