Beck to Collaborate with Flying Lotus

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It makes sense that electronic artist Flying Lotus would collaborate with Beck, who, especially in recent years, has been no stranger to incorporating electronic elements into his music. Combine this with the fact that both artists have collaboration-happy as of late (FlyLo with Earl Sweatshirt and Thom Yorke; Beck with Childish Gambino and Jack White), and the news that the two will be pairing up to record a single is hardly surprising.

“He hit me up after the last record and wanted to do something,” Flying Lotus recently told Drowned in Sound. “It sounds like Can but fucked up. It’s really quite dark.”

No other information in regard to the single has been released. Flying Lotus will be releasing a new full-length album, Until the Quiet Comes, on Oct. 1 via Warp Records. In December, Beck will be releasing an album of sheet music called Beck Hansen’s Song Reader by way of McSweeney’s.

(via Pitchfork)

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