Community Pays Tribute To Hunger Games In Season Premiere

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<i>Community</i> Pays Tribute To <i>Hunger Games</i> In Season Premiere

The season premiere of Community is going to be a battle to the death, well at least the battle to enrollment. The Community gang will pay tribute to the Hunger Games in their upcoming season four premiere, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Yes, Joel McHale and crew will be competing against each other in a series of “Hunger Games” like competitions setup by the Dean Pelton. The Dean designed the games after the Greendale student records are lost causing an issue with enrollment. With a high demand for a spot in “The History of Ice Cream” class and no documentation to prove who was actually enrolled, the Dean does the logical thing and sets up a series competition for the coveted spots.

To see pictures of the Community’s version of the Hunger Games click here. You can tune into NBC to catch new episodes of Community starting Oct. 19.