Daniel Craig Confirmed for Two More Bond Films

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Former Bond actor Roger Moore recently opined that the current Bond, Daniel Craig, was the best actor to have portrayed the suave British secret agent. While it’s hard to argue that anyone other than Sean Connery is the best Bond, Sony and MGM are at least in partial agreement with Moore, as they have confirmed that he will star in two more Bond films in addition to Skyfall, which is scheduled to hit theaters Nov. 9.

The two additional films will make it five Bond films in all for Craig, putting him behind only Moore and Connery on the list of the longest-tenured Bond stars. The James Bond franchise is the longest continually running film series of all-time and has grossed upwards of $5 billion. Skyfall, which was directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Jarhead, Revolutionary Road), will be the series’ 23rd installment.

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