Kickstarter Pick of the Month: Jeremy Renner in Ingenious

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Kickstarter Pick of the Month: Jeremy Renner in <i>Ingenious</i>

Each month, your friends at Paste scour Kickstarter to find projects worthy of your support and love. Support independent art today by becoming a backer, and spread the word, why dontcha?

This month there are two projects I’m personally involved with that nonetheless deserve your attention, so I’m listing them as “Out of Competition” projects:

1. Imba: The Story of the African Children’s Choir, which I’m co-directing, is in its last day of trying to raise $27,000 in 27 days. It’s an incredibly inspirational story, and I’ll let our teaser speak for itself. Go here.

2. The Barber of Birmingham, the Oscar-nominated doc short co-directed by Robin Fryday (with whom I’m working on a new project), has eight days to go and is almost at its $50,000 goal, which will make it possible to get this important civil rights story in the hands of people across the country, notably including student groups. Go here.

With that said, our Kickstarter pick of the month is a film we massively enjoyed on the festival circuit a couple of years ago. It was called Ingenious, and starred the always-fascinating Dallas Roberts and a charismatic then-unknown named Jeremy Renner. Renner’s gone on to make a decent-sized film or two since then, but we feel this is some of his best work. It’s the story of two best friends obsessed with inventing the next big thing, and the toll it takes on their lives and relationships, even when things go well. You can see the trailer at the bottom of this article.

Rewards, you say? How about, for $1000, you get to be listed as an Associate Producer of the film? Understand, this means that for the rest of your life, whenever someone talks about Renner in the new Avengers film, the new Mission: Impossible film, the new Bourne film, or anything else, you get to shrug and say, “Yeah, I produced one of his films.” Pretty cool, right? For the Ingenious Kickstarter page, go here.

Also notable for this month, the following projects are listed in alphabetical order:

1. Being Ginger
Gingers of the world unite! In a personal film sure to resonate strongly with many, filmmaker Scott Harris sets out to find out how women really feel about redheaded men (memorably, he tells us that every woman he meets swears she has a friend who loves gingers — but it’s never the woman herself). Harris promises that the film is more universal than that though; it’s an exploration of the dating insecurities we all have.
Coolest reward: At $1000, Harris will fly to you and go on a date with you. With or without his camera, your choice. Irresistible.

2. Hotel Noir
If you’re in this whole Kickstarter thing for the celeb-shoulder-rubbing, this project is your Huckleberry. The cast includes Carla Gugino, Danny Devito, Rosario Dawson, Rufus Sewell, Malin Akerman, and Moore — Mandy Moore, specifically (horrible, but couldn’t resist that one). And yes, for $5000 you can be flown to the LA premiere and mingle with the cast.
Coolest reward: At $750, Rufus Sewell will sing Happy Birthday to your answering machine — in a Russian accent.

3. Shake the Dust
You may have seen hip-hop documentaries. You may have even seen breakdancing documentaries. But have you ever seen a breakdancing documentary that takes place in Sana’a, Yemen; Kampala, Uganda; and Port au Prince, Haiti? Me neither. Want to? Me too.
Coolest reward: Lots of cool rewards for reasonable amounts of money, but if you’re willing to drop $10,000, you get a week-long trip to Kampala, Uganda to study breakdancing with the members of Breakdance Project Uganda. Are you kidding me? You will always have the coolest story in any bar, ever.