Led Zeppelin Starts Mysterious Facebook Countdown, Shares Teaser

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Led Zeppelin Starts Mysterious Facebook Countdown, Shares Teaser

Led Zeppelin  has started a countdown on its Facebook page that leads up to a big announcement.

The countdown started on Saturday with just the word “Five” written in the band’s typeface from their fourth album. The post quickly drew fans’ attention and gathered nearly 37,000 “likes.” The band continued to intrigue fans on Sunday by posting, you guessed it, “Four.”

If the band continues at this rate, the countdown will end on Thursday. Naturally, the mystery of the countdown sent fans into a speculation frenzy. While many hope that the announcement will be a new tour the more realistic option is a DVD release.

Today, the band released a teaser video that, like the Facebook posts, is extremely cryptic. The black screen features only the sound of a cheering crowd and the bands four runes logo in the middle of the screen.

Many believe that the band is releasing a DVD of their 2007 reunion concert at the O2 arena. Until the band reaches “One” fans can only speculate as to what the countdown is really for. Be sure to check out their teaser video below.