Box Office Nears Record Low for Decade Last Weekend

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Box Office Nears Record Low for Decade Last Weekend

No one seemed to want to go to the movies this weekend. According to Entertainment Weekly this past weekend marked one of worst weekends for the box office in a decade.

The Top 12 films in the country grossed a low $51.9 million with none breaking $10 million on their own. This set of movies now holds the second spot for the lowest net sum at the box office. The first belongs to the weekend that Nicholas Cage’s Bangkok Dangerous came out in 2008 which only grossed $50.3 million.

The last time the box office saw such low ticket sales was two weeks after the 9/11 attacks when the only new film in theaters was Mariah Carey’s Glitter.

Lionsgate’s horror film The Possession once again took the top spot reaching only $9.5 million. Bradley Cooper’s new film The Words came in second with a depressing $6 million.