James Bond Switches to Heineken After $45M Deal

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Heineken released a new ad that features James Bond and the newest “Bond girl” enjoying a nice, cold Heineken beer.

The ad comes after a $45 million deal in which the Dutch beer company paid Skyfall producers to swap out the iconic Bond martini with the beer, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The commercial features Daniel Craig as Bond walking on a train platform through the snow while the Bond theme song plays in the background. Craig then disappears and the audience watches a chase scene through the train. At the end of the commercial, Craig is waiting at the train’s bar with the newest “bond girl”,Berenice Marlohe, both drinking a Heineken.

The deal has created quite a stir among Bond fans. For the past 23 films Bond had a signature vodka drink with the catch phrase “Shaken not stirred” to accompany it.

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