The Clash, Rolling Stones Documentaries Get Trailers

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The Clash, Rolling Stones Documentaries Get Trailers

The Rolling Stones and the Clash are two of England’s biggest rock bands. Both changed how British rock was listened to and made. Now, trailers have been released for two different documentaries that honor both of these trailblazing bands.

Crossfire Hurricane follows the career of the Rolling Stones as they became the rock gods audiences know today. Oscar-nominated director Brett Morgen has gathered unreleased historical footage of the band, concert clips and Q&As spanning the band’s monumental career.

While the Stones documentary features a the band as a badass group of guys that can’t fail, the Clash’s documentary, The Rise and Fall of the Clash, focuses on the struggles of the band. Spanish filmmaker Danny Garcia, chose to highlight the constant battles between band members, the grueling touring and finally the demise of a band that had so much potential.

Crossfire Hurricane is set to premiere on Nov. 15 on HBO, while The Rise and Fall of the Clash will be premiering sporadically around the U.S. Be sure to check out trailers for both documentaries below.