Nintendo Announces Release Date, Price for Wii U

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Nintendo Announces Release Date, Price for Wii U

After nearly a year of anticipation, Nintendo announced on Thursday the release date for their new console, the Wii U. The brand new gaming system will be available in the United States on Nov. 18. The console features a tablet-sized touch-screen controller and will be offered in two separate bundles.

The standard Wii U console will include a Wii U GamePad controller, AC adapters, an HDMI cable and a sensor bar. This bundle will be available for $299.99 and will be offered in white.

The expanded set will include everything from the standard console as well as additional memory, a GamePad charging cradle and will include the “Nintendoland” set of mini-games. This bundle will cost $349.99.

The Wii U builds upon Nintendo’s groundbreaking motion-controlled gaming (“Wii Sports”) that helped build the original Wii console’s enormous popularity. The Wii U will utilize the GamePad to offer gamers a secondary vision of the game they are playing that differs from what appears on their television screen.

The European launch for the Wii U is set for Nov. 30, while the console will arrive in Japan on Dec. 8.