Replacements Documentary Gets DVD Release Date

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Replacements Documentary Gets DVD Release Date

They were one of the most under-appreciated bands during the ‘80s. The Replacements were an unpredictable rock band that never reached the level of fame that their potential could of lead them to. Last year, director Gorman Bechard made a documentary about the band,Color Me Obsessed and now the film is being released on DVD.

The film made quite a stir around the film festival circuit last year. It is a two-hour film that combines 140 interviews of musicians, journalists and fans that were all around to witness The Replacements in their prime. The DVD goes further into the band’s history adding 19 deleted scenes, three new behind-the-scenes interviews with the director and producer, two commentaries and four trailers.

Watch the trailer for Color Me Obsessed below. Click here to pre-order a copy of the DVD which comes out Nov. 20.