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Ricky Gervais  has created a new mobile app to make the world of social networking a little bit more personal. Gervais teamed up with voice technology company CloudTalk and developed the free app called “Just Sayin’,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Just Sayin’” will allow users to share voice-and-video-based messages on their Facebooks and Twitters. Similar to the photo-sharing service, Instagram, “Just Sayin’” will allow users to also share photos and text.

When downloaded users will have the option to have one-to-one or one-to-many voice conversations. “Just Sayin’” will also include real-time notifications and the ability to cross-post your messages on Facebook and Twitter.

“Making the human voice a natural part of any social web experience is the next big thing,”Gervais told Hollywood Reporter.

Gervais felt as if there was a gap in the world of social media that needed to be filled with voice. By allowing a person to actually speak their messages, he thinks it will fulfill a desire that isn’t fulfilled by the current social media atmosphere.

“Voice as a monologue is narcissistic, voice as a dialog is social; social media is a place where people desire to be both.”

For the past year, Gervais helped develop the app, which is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is still being developed for Androids.

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