SNL Alum To Write Script For New Looney Tunes Movie

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The Looney Tunes are about to be back in action. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. are rebooting the classic cartoon characters in a new movie with the screenplay by Saturday Night Live alum Jenny Slate.

The movie will be a hybrid live-action and CGI film (think Space Jam) featuring all the classic Looney Tunes characters. The film will be produced by David Katzenberg, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Heyman. Heyman was the producer for the Harry Potter films while Graham penned this summer’s Dark Shadows.

Not much has been revealed about Slate’s involvement in the project, only that she has agreed to work on the script. Slate is no stranger to the world of animation. She is one of the co-writers for the stop-motion short Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. The video quickly became a YouTube sensation, gaining over 18 million views.

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