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This Week In News

Well, she was a bad bad girl (sorry, couldn’t help it). The news that seemed to rock the entertainment world this week was the arrest of Fiona Apple for pot possession at a Texas boarder stop.

The singer was arrested at the same spot were stars like Willie Nelson and Snopp Dog had been arrested. Also stirring up a bit of controversy, was Amanda Palmer, who raised over $1 million through Kickstarter and asked musicians to “volunteer” their services instead of paying them. On a much happier note, Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney was married this weekend and had comedian Will Forte officiate the ceremony.

Music was a hot topic in the movie world this past week. Adele confirmed that she was going to sing the theme song for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, which also released it’s international trailer. The semi-bio-pic-partially-fictional Jeff Buckley movie also released it’s trailer and the Great Gatsby finally decided on it’s official release date. Les Misérables also gave an extended first look at how the actors tackled the daunting task of singing live while shooting their takes.

From the big-screen to the small-screen,Ted director, Seth MacFarlane, hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. MacFarlane did a hilarious impression of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, which left Lochte a little salty. The final season of the Office premiered this week, along with over 18 minutes of never before scene bloopers. Finally, the question of who will play Joel McHale’s father on Community has finally been answered. Producers casted James Brolin to play McHale’s estranged father in this season’s Thanksgiving episode.