Watch Dirty Projectors’ Short Film, Hi Custodian

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Watch Dirty Projectors&#8217; Short Film, <i>Hi Custodian</i>

The Dirty Projectors  have released a new 20-minute short film titled Hi Custodian. Featuring music from the band’s latest album Swing Lo Magellan, the film is an exploration of the concepts of spiritual death and rebirth.

In the video, each band member occupies a different role that helps expand upon the video’s themes. Amber Coffman portrays a lost researcher, Nat Baldwin a truck driver, Haley Dekle a sister Fate, and David Longstreth plays a yokai (a shapeshifting undead spirit from Japanese folklore).

Featured in the video are the tracks “Swing Lo Magellan”, “About to Die”, “Gun Has No Trigger”, “See What She Seeing”, and “Just From Chevron”, in addition to unreleased material from sessions that went into recording the album.

Check out the film below. (via Pitchfork TV)