Watch a Preview for a Sufjan Stevens-Inspired Ballet

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Watch a Preview for a Sufjan Stevens-Inspired Ballet

For the past two years, New York City Ballet choreographer Justin Peck has been developing a new modern ballet that centers around Sufjan Stevens’ music. Finally, it looks like the ballet is ready to be seen.

“Year of the Rabbit” will make its debut Oct. 5 at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theatre in New York City. During the development process not much was revealed about the ballet, only that it revolves around the orchestral arrangement of Stevens’ album Run Rabbit Run.

Fans have been given a small taste of what to expect in a short promo video for “Year of the Rabbit.” The video, directed by Yoonha Park, begins with the melancholic sounds of a piano playing “The Palm Sunday Tornado Hits Crystal Lake” while two lovers meet in a beach house. The two dancers move from inside the house onto a gray beach, which provides the perfect landscape to the subtle sounds of Stevens’ song.

The ballet had two preview performances last weekend and both shows were sold out. Be sure to check out the promo video for “Year of the Rabbit” below.