Exclusive: Two Door Cinema Club’s Latest Documentary Clip for What We See

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Two Door Cinema Club’s new four-part documentary ‘What We See’ captures every moment of the band’s European summer tour as seen through the camera of Gregg Houston, a friend of the band. The band plays various festival and shows in support of Beacon, their latest album which came out Sept. 3.

The film gives viewers a chance to look at the band on tour, which features honest moments from the band on touring life.

“When we started touring, touring was like this all-consuming force,” lead singer Alex Trimble said in part three. “It just sort of took every single part of my life and touring became my life. The past few years have sort have been not necessarily a struggle, but a learning curve. So it’s learning to be in touch with the people you leave behind and learning to just deal with the ridiculousness of it all.”

Check out the premiere of part three below. See part one here and part two here.

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