Web Series Created Based on Community's Inspector Spacetime

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Fans can now enjoy the same British TV show that Community’s Abed and Troy are obsessed with. According to Entertainment Weekly, Travis Richey, has recreated Inspector Spacetime for fans to drool over just like Abed and Troy do.

The fictional Inspector Spacetime was first referenced in the third season of Community. According to Abed and Troy the show has been on air since 1962 and is basically just Doctor Who. Now, the actor who played the inspector has made the fictional show into a real one.

Richey has developed his own web series called Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. Richey had originally wanted to keep the name Inspector Spacetime, but due to a very nice cease-and-desist order from NBC, was forced to change it.

There has only been one episode of Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time and it is only four minutes long but the humor is something that Community fans will enjoy. Be sure to check it out the first episode of Richey’s web series below. Community’s new season premieres Oct. 19 on NBC.

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