Workaholics Join Arrested Development in Episode One Cameo

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<i>Workaholics</i> Join <i>Arrested Development</i> in Episode One Cameo

Remember your confusion last month when Arrested Developmentproduction photos were released and the cast of Workaholics appeared to be on set? You can rest easy now, because we finally have an explanation and even minor spoilers for the first episode of the long-awaited upcoming season.

Workaholics ’ Adam DeVine was interviewed by E! Online on Monday at the premiere of his new film Pitch Perfect and talked about his appearance on the show. Although he couldn’t reveal much thanks to those air-tight confidentiality agreements, he did let a few details slip.

”[Michael] is trying to get out of town and I work at the airline that he’s trying to get at,” Adam teased. “And I’m totally inept. I don’t know how to print a ticket or get his bags on the plane, so he’s having a hard time with me.”

Arrested Development’s fourth season is currently in production and is scheduled to air in Spring 2013 on Netflix. Plenty of new and returning faces will reportedly appear including Isla Fisher, Terry Crews, Liza Minnelli, Henry Winkler and Judy Greer.