Adele - “Skyfall” Preview

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Adele - “Skyfall” Preview

*Update* you can now listen to the full track below.

Shortly after announcing British superstar Adele would be responsible for the latest James Bond theme song, a preview of her track “Skyfall” has appeared online. An initial reaction to the sampling may point to the slow tempo at which the song walks, a characteristic unlike many of the previous Bond themes. But this may suit the upcoming film, which is determined to make everyone forget about the slightly disappointing Quantum of Solace.

Furthermore, Adele has chosen a sinister key to match her quietly haunting vocal delivery, which may again serve as a supplement to the upcoming film. Lyrically, we are not offered much on the creative side, though Bond themes are known for repeating the film’s name and featuring iconic Bond riffs of the past.

Picturing a slow motion Daniel Craig briskly walking the line of destruction overtop Adele’s creation offers an intriguing juxtaposition, one that may help return Bond to his rightful status atop the filmic hierarchy. From what we’ve heard so far, the result of pairing Adele and Bond is exactly what you’d expect—a fantastic, sleek track that’s right in line with classic Bond aural flair of the past. And as the track proves, this was a no-brainer choice for Bond producers.

Listen to the preview here.

The Film Stage has shared an exclusive broadcast of the full song via an international radio station.

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