Watch Axl Rose's First TV Interview In 20 Years

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Watch Axl Rose's First TV Interview In 20 Years

It had been 20 years since Axl Rose has sat down for an interview on TV, but last night he broke his silence and sat down for interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Clearly out of this element, the frontman for Guns N’ Roses seemed uncomfortable answering questions. Rose would reply to Jimmy Kimmel’s questions regarding his rocky past with short answers. Kimmel probed at Rose to answer questions about the original lineup to Guns N’ Roses, which resulted in tense answers. As the interview continued, Rose found his footing. He talked about his annual Halloween Party and his unusual party decoration, a Halloween tree. Rose answered questions that fans had submitted on Twitter and even did impressions of Oprah by the end.

Rose was on the late-night talk show to promote Guns N’ Roses upcoming Las Vegas show. Check out the full interview below.