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When “Delta” is the operating word in a band’s name, one would probably expect whiskey to be its operating beverage. Co-founder and bassist Jon Jameson (whose name also suggests a whiskey affinity), however, is a beer man. So much so that he’s taken to making his own. He does acknowledge that the band isn’t without their dark liquor connoisseurs.

“Brandon, the drummer, and I are kind of the serious beer guys,” Jameson said. “Matt is definitely a scotch and whiskey guy. Kelly is a serious whiskey guy. We’re split, but we can definitely appreciate what everyone else likes. Kind of like the band in general. We all come from different places and different perspectives and find the places where we can meet.”

Beer has been on the mind lately, though, and the band is currently trying to name their home-brewed black IPA they finished bottling and capping just in time for a quick jaunt to Austin for ACL. Brewed in the kitchen of Brooklyn’s Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory, where Jameson works a couple of days a week in between touring, the black IPA is Jameson’s second foray into home brewing.

“I’m from San Diego and there are a lot of hoppy, craft breweries that have popped up over the last 10 years or so,” Jameson said. “I wanted to do something in that vein, but maybe a little more seasonal, so that’s why we went with the black IPA.”

With Delta Spirit’s busy and often sporadic schedule, brewing beer is the perfect side project for Jameson, who notes that “there are a lot of these gaps where it’s not enough to commit to something long-term, but you’ll go crazy if you’re not doing something on the side.” Brewing beer, however, he says is “one of those where you can get the stuff going, leave town for a week, then come back and do the next step.”

The yet-to-be-named black IPA is only for friends, but Jameson would love to eventually team up with a local brewery so maybe he and the rest of the band could order a Delta Spirit at a local bar.

“We’d love to collaborate someday down the line,” he said. “We talk about how we’d love to do a collaboration with a brewery around here or something. It’d be fun to do on a bigger level at some point.”

The first order of business is to name the black IPA that will be waiting for them when they get back from Austin City Limits. We’re hoping there will be plenty more to follow, and maybe Jameson will be able to get the rest of his bandmates involved if he wants to take it to the next level.

“It’d be cool to do something where all of us work it out and try to do something that all of us are into. So maybe that can be the next project. Maybe we’ll be able to get the whiskey guys on our side.”

If you have any suggestions for what Delta Spirit should name their black IPA, shoot them a line via Twitter @deltaspirit.

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