Exclusive: DeVotchKa Announces Live with the Colorado Symphony

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Exclusive: DeVotchKa Announces <i>Live with the Colorado Symphony</i>

DeVotchKa  has announced the release of DeVotchKa Live with the Colorado Symphony, which will be out Nov. 13 on Cicero Recordings LTD. The album sees the band revisiting some of their most popular songs with a full 60-piece orchestra in their home state of Colorado.

“We’ve always had orchestral leanings,” says frontman Nick Urata. “We wrote for more and more players with every album, when the chance to perform with an entire symphony came, we jumped at it. We thought it would be the perfect night for a live recording and hope the listener feels like they are in the room with us.”

Prior to the performance, multi-instrumentalist Tom Hagerman spent months arranging DeVotchKa’s songs for orchestral performance. Though the album won’t be available in stores until Nov. 13, it is currently available for pre-order through the band’s webstore. All pre-ordered copies will be signed and personalized by the band.

Check out Live with the Colorado Symphony’s tracklisting below and an exclusive first listen of “Along the Way” from the collection.

DeVotchKa Live with the Colorado Symphony Tracklist
1. The Alley
2. The Clockwise Witness
3. Along The Way
4. The Common Good
5. You Love Me
6. All The Sand In All The Sea
7. Firetrucks On The Boardwalk
8. Comrade Z
9. Undone
10. Queen Of The Surface Streets
11. We’re Leaving
12. Contrabanda
13. The Enemy Guns
14. How It Ends