Exclusive: Watch James Murphy in a Clip from Tim Heidecker's The Comedy

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Exclusive: Watch James Murphy in a Clip from Tim Heidecker's <i>The Comedy</i>

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! has been one of the most polarizing shows on TV since it premiered on Cartoon Network in 2007. Most people love or hate the duo’s off-brand sketches that are part deadpan satire and part…well, something else entirely. Next month, Rick Alverson’s The Comedy will be released theatrically, and if early reviews are any indication, it will be just as deadpan and divisive as their work on the small screen.

The film centers around leading man Tim Heidecker, who plays an aging Brooklyn hipster named Swanson who is on the verge of inheriting his father’s estate. Along with his friends— played by Eric Wareheim and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy—Swanson grows disillusioned with the aimless course of his life and decides to test the boundaries of what kinds of behavior society will tolerate. The Comedy is almost alarming in how grounded it is, and despite its title and cast, it looks to be a very real, very thoughtful look at hipster culture.

A trailer for The Comedy has already been released, and below you can check out an exclusive clip of Tim, Eric and James Murphy’s characters having some fun in a church.

Though The Comedy won’t be released theatrically for a few weeks, it is available on demand now via iTunes, Amazon and cable.

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