Louie Goes On Extended Hiatus Until 2014

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<i>Louie</i> Goes On Extended Hiatus Until 2014

If you thought the current Louie hiatus was hard, you might want to take a seat. FX announced today that it will give the multi-Emmy winner and role-player Louis C.K. a break from his series to allow him to relax, THR reports.

“Louie has continued to raise the bar and recharge his batteries. I don’t think there’s anyone else in business who’s produced, starred, directed and edited all but seven episodes,” FX president and GM John Landgraf said in a conference call with reporters. “I’m not surprised he needs a bit of a break.”

Louis C.K.  requested the time off to help him refuel and think of ways to bring the show back to its season one roots.

“I’m looking back to when I did the first season and the time I took to do the show and decide which directions to go in and I want that back again,” C.K. said. “I want a little breathing room.”

The extra time will allow the comedian to focus more on each aspect of production in order to bring the highest quality product into viewers’ living rooms.

“I usually start shooting in March for a June launch and we’ll start September or October for a May launch,” he said. “I used to shoot, promote and edit all at the same time in June and I think I can do better work if I spread things out.”

The show is expected to return for its fourth season in Spring 2014.