Pinback Releases Video for “Sherman”

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Pinback Releases Video for “Sherman”

Inspired by the obscure 1962 cult Soviet film Planeta Bur, Pinback’s Rob Crow and Zach Smith find themselves in space for their latest video, “Sherman.” Promoting a track off of their latest album, Information Retrieved, the video places the band directly in the middle of footage from the original film.

Furthermore, footage is present from two other films, Voage to the Prehistoric Planet and Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women, both American B-movie rip-offs that utilized the original Soviet film.

Crow mashed all three films into a comprehensive visual display for Pinback’s next tour, which starts Nov. 9. The tour comes in support of Information Retrieved, which was released this week on Temporary Residence Ltd.

Check out the video for “Sherman” below and be sure to pick up Information Retrieved, available now. (via Wired)